5 typical use cases

Our Expressly Powerlinks actually welcome customers when visiting new Internet properties - think warm greeting when entering new shops on the high street - while at the same time helping businesses multiply conversion and return on investment.

Opening up an entirely new digital marketing channel!


1. Marketing email

Carefully selected, relevant, non-competing partners, offering exclusive content and deals to your customers; optionally, in exchange, you can also directly tap into their audience.

Your newsletters instantly turn into exciting page-turners, boosting your returns, and potentially growing your subscriber base thanks to new customers from other properties.

2. Post-checkout

From the simple post-checkout banner, to relevant cross-sell opportunities in email receipts: just a few simple steps away from displaying relevant, non-competing offers.

Treat your customers to the ultimate shopping experience across stores, as simple as hopping around the high street!

3. Loyalty

A ready suite of constantly fresh 1-click offers for your existing, or new, loyalty programme. Hand-pick from our quality, non-competing merchants, or let Expressly do the hard work for you.

Our 1-click journey will surprise and delight your loyal customers, while reinforcing your core proposition.

On Demand.jpg

4. On-demand content

Instantly relevant, exciting actions that your customers actually desire, right there and then. Whether in a cab, on a train, just landed from a flight, booking a restaurant... there is always something more you could be offering them.

As usual, the Expressly Powerlinks let them skip unnecessary friction, enabling immediate enjoyment of their next action.

5. Our 1-click as a service

Any of the above can be integrated to any existing partnership, thus bringing the experience of your customer journeys to the next level.

Whether linking to an external or internal website, app or mobile site, we can transform your traditional ad into an Expressly Powerlink, thus multiplying its effectiveness. The one simple bonus your customers are still missing today.