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Where: Click on your username at the top right of the Portal homepage, and then on ‘My Account’

  • Make sure you fill in all important details such as your name, email and your company’s information
  • Upload your logo to assure other merchants recognise you
  • Include links to your terms and privacy: they will appear to customers during the 1-click journey

Top tip: Keep your profile up to date to increase your visibility to other merchants. Remember, your profile is your first and best impression!


Where: Click on 'Notifications' at the top of the Portal homepage

Here you can see important notifications from your partners and us

API Token

Where: Click on your username at the top right of the Portal homepage, and then on ‘API token’

The API Token is required to integrate our unique technology to your website. Can we help with the integration? Get in touch!

Manage partnerships

Partner finder

Where: Click on ‘Partner Finder’ to learn more about our registered and verified members

  • Hit ‘Connect’ to send another merchant a connection request, signalling your interest in partnering with them for customer acquisition - if they approve it, you can exchange messages, and start planning a shared campaign
  • If another merchant wants to connect with you, you will receive a notification into your inbox, and under ‘Notifications’ at the top of the portal main page.

Top tip: Make sure to log-in frequently as new merchants are added constantly!

My partners

Where: Click on 'My Partners' to see who you’ve partnered with and who awaits your approval to start the next campaign

Suggest a merchant

Where: Click on 'Suggest a Merchant' to let us know of merchants that you’d like to partner with and that are not in the Network: we’ll reach out on your behalf, and ensure you can work with them soon.

Top tip: when a Merchant you suggested joins, the first campaign you do with them is on the house!

Manage campaigns

Browse offers (NEW)

Where: Click on ‘Browse Offers’ to get exclusive access to existing offers our merchants open to you

  • Click on ‘Take the Offer’ on each specific offer to accept the offer to provide customers to the requesting merchants
  • Directly click on the offer to see campaign details, e.g., discount rate, CPL (cost per lead), CPA (cost per action) and the validity of the offer

Top tip: If you want to work with a merchant on a 2-way basis, make sure to publish your offer to acquire customers and tell them to accept it.

Want to add your own offer to the bundle? Click ‘My Offers’ now!

My offers (NEW)

Where: Click on ‘My Offers’ to create your own offers to acquire customers that other members of the network can accept.

  • Click on ‘Create New Offer’ to add campaign conditions, details and assets (e.g., the commission you are willing to pay for new customers, validity of the campaign, visuals, and whether to approve each partner merchant who is willing to take the offer)
  • Finish by clicking ‘Publish’ and spread the word to other merchants!
  • Then, why not start planning another campaign?

Want to sleep on it? Just click on ‘Save as Draft’ to save the offer, and come back to launch when you’re ready!

Top tip: Get your website integrated for smooth delivery of any offer via these simple instructions (tech help? we’re here!)

Want to browse what other merchants have to offer? Click ‘Browse Offers’ now!

My campaigns (NEW)

Where: Click on 'My Campaigns' to track the performance of your existing campaigns


Ready, set, go

Once one of your offers is taken, or you accept an offer from another merchant, you are ready to launch your customer acquisition campaign!

Follow these easy steps below:

Note: all steps concern you in two aspects – once as a ‘receiver’ of customers and as a ‘sender’ of customers.

  • As a ‘Receiver’ of customers:

The offer you already posted on the network details the terms (fees etc.) of your offer to your partner. You can always update your offer here, by clicking ‘update offer’.

Note: make sure you filled all required fields, including uploading the assets of the campaign – these are the images (e.g. banner) and text that your partner will use to communicate to his own customers and invite them to your website.

  • As a ‘Sender’ of customers:

1. Go to to finalise your campaign settings. Click on the campaign's name, and then on 'Settings' at the upper right corner.

2. Upload your target email list - the list includes just the email addresses of the targets, meaning all the emails of your own customer base. You can upload them as an excel doc or by copy-pasting them straight to our portal.

Note: make sure you upload (or copy-paste) one email per line. For example:

Don't forget to save your settings and to click on 'upload campaign emails' once done. FYI, your list is for your eyes only and will not become available to your partner.

3. Finally, download your campaign links - these are the personalised 1-click Expressly Powerlinks you'll use to promote your partner when you communicate to your customer base.

Now, start promoting your partner using the assets they uploaded and the campaign Powerlinks above to receive commissions!

Then, why not start planning another campaign?

4 steps to get started? Check out our Guide

More questions? Check out our FAQs