All Your Partners In One Place

Expressly's intuitive portal lets you manage all your partnerships in one place, providing a simple workflow to start new campaigns and access to automated reporting.

Discover New Opportunities

Cooperate with like-minded businesses in our network to expand online. Find the perfect partners for you filtering by sector, size, and more.

1 Line of Code Setup

We made Network even simpler to start with. You just need 1 line of code to verify your site and connect to the network. That's it!



Expressly can be a true lifesaver. It helps us tap into new audiences, while solving one of the key pain points for our new customers: the tedious onboarding and registration process.
— Caroline,

How to Get Started

We've built a comprehensive step-by-step guide to get you started in the network, and start acquiring new customers. You can find it here.



1. What is Expressly Network?

Expressly Network is the new offering by Expressly. Access the network and the portal to manage your cross-marketing campaigns with existing or new partners. JOIN today and start acquiring new customers.

2. Why should I join today?

Finally a simple way to connect with like-minded partners and acquire new customers. And did we mention that it's FREE?



3. How much does it cost?

Expressly Network is FREE forever if you join before our launch. Hurry and don't forget to tell your friends for a chance to win our great prizes!

4. What does it take to integrate?

If you run on a standard e-commerce platform you should install the corresponding Expressly extension. We have guides on how to do so here.

5. I have another question...

No problem! Please get in touch here.


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