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+ What is Expressly?

Expressly is a revolutionary new technology that delivers new customers with an elegant 1-click onboarding, by leveraging underutilised data already spread across other websites and apps. No more registration or security checks: using data already spread across other websites and apps, today you can WELCOME new customers - just as they deserve: with 1-click.

+ What is the inspiration behind Expressly?

The premise of the technology is one simple question: why are Internet users all forced to re-type countless time their names, email, addresses, and so on? Their names do not change, nor they change address so frequently.

This is a painful barrier for consumers checking out new offers or shops.

Expressly solves this, enabling shops and online businesses to offer new users a simple way to register and login with 1-click. All the data is sourced from the websites they are coming from, provided it's connected to Expressly as well.

+ A few definitions…

Merchants - Online shops and businesses that are members of the Expressly Network.

Powerlink - Expressly Powerlinks welcome customers when visiting new Internet properties, giving them the opportunity to join the new site with just 1 click.

Expressly Network - A 'meeting place' allowing member merchants to find each other and start customer acquisition campaigns between themselves.

+ Where is Expressly available?

Expressly is currently available to merchants and businesses targeting UK online market. If you are not in the UK, get in touch and we can discuss together how we can help you.

+ How does it work in one sentence?

Merchants on the Expressly Network can connect and launch high conversion customer acquisition campaigns using Expressly's 1-click journey.


Expressly's unique technology, which migrates customer data between partner websites, creates Powerlinks. Thanks to the Expressly Powerlinks, customers won't have to register to your site again, removing unnecessary friction. We are able to migrate their data, saving them time and delivering to you a real customer with 1-click.

+ What is the 1-click journey?

Expressly's 1-click journey increases conversion dramatically with only one step from visitor to customer. Thanks to simple APIs, online businesses can get new users to register and login to their website as soon as they land, when coming from a partner website.

+ What are the benefits of using the 1-click journey?

The 1-click journey enables new visitors to create an account and login as they land on your website, with clear benefits

  • Avoid form-filling, a major cause of friction
  • Open direct communication channel
  • Natively link your customer's life across devices An improved journey leads to 10-20x more relationships, and eventually higher conversion.

+ How does the 1-click journey work?

When they land on your enabled website, visitors are shown an elegant lightbox illustrating to them the opportunity of registering and logging in with just 1-click. All the necessary data is sourced through Expressly from the previous site, provided they are connected and the user was registered there.

+ When would I want this journey for my website/store?

For any partnerships with another website where you're sending customers to each other. It will make your customers' life much simpler, and your campaigns much more successful.

Expressly Network

+ What is the Expressly Network?

The Expressly Network allows member merchants to find each other and start customer acquisition campaigns between themselves. Join for free at https://portal.buyexpressly.com.

+ What can I do after joining the Expressly Portal?

You can

  • Manage a succinct profile of your store
  • Connect with like-minded merchants
  • Manage campaigns
  • See reports on campaign results

+ How do I choose which merchants to connect with?

Typically, merchants look for non-competing partners targeting a similar audience to theirs. Check https://buyexpressly.com/uses/ for typical use case examples.

+ Can I speak to other merchants directly?

Yes, once merchants connect through the Expressly Network, they can chat to each other easily on our platform. Ask us if you prefer to connect via email, and we'll make an intro.

+ How much does it cost to join the Expressly Network?

Joining the Expressly Network is free. You can do so at https://portal.buyexpressly.com/sign-up

+ Are members verified?

Yes, we constantly verify merchants that join, and apply a verified badge. Merchants that can't be verified are hidden from the Network until we are able to verify them.

+ What control do I have on the merchants I get connected with?

You have full control. Connections are only confirmed when both parties agree to it.

Customer Acquisition

+ How can I launch a customer acquisition campaign?

  1. Join the Network at https://portal.buyexpressly.com/sign-up.
  2. Find a partner merchant and connect with them (they have to accept).
  3. Define a campaign on the basis of the instructions you receive, and launch it.

+ Does a merchant have to cross promote their partners?

No. That is optional and depending on the use case.

+ What type of communication do merchants need to supply to their partners?

Merchants provide each other banners. Size can vary, and specific needs can be accommodated. A typical size, for example, is 728x190. Expressly simplifies collection and distribution of these assets via the web interface.

+ Where are the banners placed?

Expressly supports many touchpoints, as long as it's possible to univocally identify the customers targeted by the campaign. E.g., the post-checkout page, any email communication. Check https://buyexpressly.com/uses/ for more examples.

+ What sort of reporting is done to see where referrals are coming from and how often?

Monthly reporting on a merchant-to-merchant base. (E.g., if merchant A works with partner B and C, A gets every month 2 different reports, one related to partner B and one to partner C).

+ Do I need any technical integration to launch a campaign?

Yes, a simple technical integration is required.

+ How does Expressly help with sales attribution?

Expressly’s journey leads to a customer’s account creation. Regardless of device, they can make a purchase in the same session. If instead they make a purchase at a later session, even if on a different device, the customer will use the same account (they received their password via email), leading to very clear attribution. Expressly tracks clicks, account creations and purchases with timestamps, and partner merchant can determine how to remunerate each other.

Data, security, privacy

+ What is Expressly's 1-click journey?

Expressly allows a customer landing on a new merchant to register and log in immediately, by the virtue of 1-click. Look at our demo: https://demo.buyexpressly.com

+ How does the customer data migration work?

After clicking through the campaign banner, customers land on the second merchant's website and are shown the personalised consent lightbox, served by Expressly. No data is transferred to the second merchant at this stage. Only if the customer consents by clicking 'Ok', their data is transferred to the second site, in order to create an account for that customer, and log them in.

+ What kind of data do merchants receive?

Typically full name, email and delivery address. This may vary depending on the specific origin merchant.

+ Do merchants own the transferred customer data?

Customer data obtained through the Expressly 1-click journey has the same status of the data obtained through the normal registration process (i.e., when the customer inputs all the data manually)

+ Do merchants share customer databases upfront when launching a campaign?

No. Customer data will be transferred on a customer-by-customer basis when the customer clicks 'ok' as they land on the destination merchant.

+ Can customer data be really transferred in line with Privacy regulation?

Yes. When landing on the receiving websites, customers can choose whether to consent the data migration. If they don't, no data is migrated.

+ When a customer is registered through this process, do they agree to the new merchants' policies?

Yes. Customers can review all the policies of the destination merchants before giving consent to the account creation. The lightbox contains links to all relevant policies. You can control your own merchant links in the account page within the Expressly Network: https://portal.buyexpressly.com/my-account/profile

+ Does Expressly keep the customer data?

Expressly keeps customer's account data to carry out our services (e.g., tracking registration, purchases). Customers are fully informed through our privacy policy, which can be reviewed here: https://buyexpressly.com/privacy

+ Is Expressly secure?

Security is crucial to what we do and we pay great attention to it. Our architecture is the first safeguard: no data is exchanged through the customer browser. All data goes through our server-to-server connections with merchants. Additionally, we work through bank-grade secure connections, and each merchant has their own secret password.


+ How much does the service cost? Are commissions/fees between merchants already set up?

Typically, merchants pay each other on a CPA and CPL basis. Expressly retains 30% of the exchanged commissions, in complete alignment of incentives. When applied to existing partnerships, a simple monthly fee can be optionally agreed.

+ How are payments made to partner companies? Does Expressly raise invoices?

All commission payments go through Expressly. Expressly invoices merchants directly for all commissions due from all running campaigns, and pays merchants owed commissions subsequently.

+ If I'm working with Expressly through an Affiliate Network, how does it work?

We support many Networks. You should check within the Network you are interested in. Or ask us citing your specific situation: https://buyexpressly.com/contact/


+ How do I get integrated with Expressly?

Our distinctive technology is very simple to integrate, and allows us to power the 1-click journey that customers love. It also allows the tracking of campaign success. Check all tech information here: https://developer.buyexpressly.com

+ What platforms do you support with off-the-shelf plugins?

We have built easy to install plugins/extensions for many of the most common ecommerce platforms

  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • PrestaShop
  • OpenCart
  • osCommerce
  • VirtueMart

+ Do you support Shopify?

As of now, we support Shopify only through our Ruby SDK. We're working hard on developing a native extension.

+ What if my platform is not listed?

Please get in touch: we're prioritising building extensions for other platforms also on the basis of our clients' interest. Let us know here: https://buyexpressly.com/contact/

+ What if my website is custom-built?

No problem. We support custom-built websites through our APIs and SDKs. More info here: https://developer.buyexpressly.com/


+ Is Expressly like a wallet?

Expressly is not a wallet. We make customer journeys work better within existing / new online partnerships.

+ Is Expressly like a single sign on across sites?

No. Expressly creates a whole new account in the new site using the relevant data from the sending site. The original account and the newly created one remain fully independent.

+ Why do customers need Expressly when we have Chrome form auto-fill?

Expressly streamlines the entire customer journey, not just filling in your details. It starts a relationship with the customer when they land, instead of waiting for the checkout. Besides, with the growth of mobile, very often browser form-filling is not simple to enable/use on mobile devices.

+ Does customer data lose value when transferred?

It does not. Expressly simplifies online journeys by using customer demographic data. Behavioural data, which has the most value, (e.g., what the customer bought, how often they visit) is never transferred.

+ Any other questions?

Please ask here: https://buyexpressly.com/contact/