Manage your campaigns

Manage your campaigns
Thanks to our new features, you can now browse and accept customer acquisition campaign offers made by other merchants on the Expressly Network, as well as create your own offers they just can't refuse!
How does it work?

Log in to your account to put your best offer forward under ‘My Offers’ and create your own offer to acquire customers for other merchants to accept

Click on ‘Create New Offer’ to add campaign conditions, details and assets

Finish by clicking ‘Publish’ and spread the word to other merchants!
Want to browse what other merchants have to offer?
Explore offers merchants on the Expressly Network have created, by clicking on 'Browse Offers'

Directly click on the offer to see campaign details and hit ‘Take Offer’ to accept it

Track the performance of your existing campaigns by clicking 'My Campaigns'

Top tip: Get your website integrated for smooth delivery and acceptance of any offer (tech help? we’re here!)

Any questions? Visit our FAQs or contact us!