The complete A-Z  guide to launching a campaign

Here's the complete A-Z 
guide to launching a campaign

Once one of your customer acquisition offers* is taken, or you accept an offer from another merchant, you are ready to launch your customer acquisition campaign via these simple steps:
1. Finalise campaign settings

Go to My Campaigns to finalise your campaign settings:

Click on the campaign's name, and then on 'Settings' at the upper right corner

The next steps depend on your role in the campaign
2a. Upload your assets
(if you are receiving customers)

What will your future customer see that will drive them to your site?

Upload images and text that your partner can use to communicate to their customers and invite them to you

These can be changed later, if you or your partner have specific requirements

Upload your assets here
2b. Upload your target email list
(if you are sending customers)

The list includes just the email address of the targets

You can now download a 1-click link for each of them, to merge into your communication

Target customers registered in your database will experience the 1-click journey on your partner site!
Don't forget to save your settings and to click on 'upload campaign emails' when done, so you can download the links

3. Launch

Finally, download your campaign links (these are the personalised links you'll use to promote your partner when you communicate to your customer base)

And start promoting your partner using the assets they uploaded and the links above to receive commissions

Then, why not start planning another campaign?
* If you haven't created an offer on the Expressly Network already, do it here
Any questions? Visit our FAQs or contact us!

Find your perfect partner

Find your perfect partner
It is now easier than ever to find the perfect partner to launch customer acquisition campaigns with!
How does it work?
Log in to your account to learn more about our registered and verified members, under Partner Finder

Hit ‘Connect’ to send another merchant a connection request

If a merchant wants to connect with you, you will receive a notification to your email
and to your ‘Notifications’. Once connected, you can message each other and plan a campaign together

Check out 'My Partners' to see who you’ve connected with and who awaits your approval
to start the next campaign!

'Suggest a Merchant' to let us know of merchants that you’d like to partner with and that are
not yet in the Network

When a merchant you suggested joins, the first campaign you do with them is on the house!

Any questions? Visit our FAQs or contact us!

Manage your campaigns

Manage your campaigns
Thanks to our new features, you can now browse and accept customer acquisition campaign offers made by other merchants on the Expressly Network, as well as create your own offers they just can't refuse!
How does it work?

Log in to your account to put your best offer forward under ‘My Offers’ and create your own offer to acquire customers for other merchants to accept

Click on ‘Create New Offer’ to add campaign conditions, details and assets

Finish by clicking ‘Publish’ and spread the word to other merchants!
Want to browse what other merchants have to offer?
Explore offers merchants on the Expressly Network have created, by clicking on 'Browse Offers'

Directly click on the offer to see campaign details and hit ‘Take Offer’ to accept it

Track the performance of your existing campaigns by clicking 'My Campaigns'

Top tip: Get your website integrated for smooth delivery and acceptance of any offer (tech help? we’re here!)

Any questions? Visit our FAQs or contact us!

Our new exciting features

Our new exciting features

We're excited to let you know we've just updated our website with new features designed to make it even easier for you to launch customer acquisition campaigns!

NEW Support page offering easy instructions and top tips for using the Expressly Network
NEW and improved website with easier navigation and even more solutions for your cross-promotion campaigns
Also, did you know that as a member of the Expressly network you can benefit from a whole range of opportunities?
190+ merchants in the network with a reach to 8m+ UK consumers
Last campaign led to 16x better lead and +4% sales conversions.

More broadly, we learnt you can expect
10-20x and +2-5% - it's amazing!
A unique, 1-click customer journey
Any questions? Visit our FAQs or contact us!